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  • Welcome to the official community of triad mu!
  • Welcome to the official community of triad mu!
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Custom "MU TRIAD" table for a better gameplay

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Custom options panel which is inserted into the "A" button

Improvements for the community


1. Visiting website directly by clicking to the Visit website

2. Shortly account information and balance of credit and zen

3. Clearing Player Kill for the estimated  amount of Goblin points or Zen

4. Exchange system depending on our currency system

5. All information based on the game command system

6. Anti-lag with one click - Unique!

7. Offtrade system - Unique!

8. Auto Potion system - Unique!


For more information, you can read the Information section.


Custom Panel ("A" to show/hide)





Custom TRIAD MU Table information


Options Short Information
Account İnformation  Detailed information about your balance
Visit Website You can visit our website directly below
Clear Player Kill For 15.000.000 zen or 100 Goblin Points
Anti-Lag Option To avoid from in-game freeze
Auto Potion Unique option, provides a better pvp 
Exchange Currency Players will available exchange the currency 
Offtrade system The system for offline store mode





is the sale of items you have exhibited in a personal store, on the server, but at the same time you do not need to be in the game, you have the opportunity to put your character on the market and go about your business.


Personal Store

to create a personal store and sell things online, for zen, open the inventory with key V, then open the personal store with the key S ( the ability to open a store appears from level 6. Transfer the items to your personal store and enter the price you want to sell for. Write the name of the store and click ok. The selling price for zen must be at least 5.000, otherwise you will not be able to sell the item. 


The maximum selling price of an item is up to 


Offline trading basics

all items exhibited in offline trade can be viewed on the market page. Browsing on the site is intended for convenient search for the necessary thing. To sell things for credits or zen offline, you must already have an open store (as described above). Offline sales can only be done on the Tarkan. Selling things is possible for credits or zen. The price of the item being sold for credits must be at least 2, otherwise they will not be able to buy it.


Attention ! 


Each purchase transaction in offline trade is taxed at 10 %, part of this tax goes to the owners of the castle, you can read more information HERE


Custom Table ("A" to show/hide) table auto potion system


Unique custom auto potion system gives a chance to our pvp fans, to play more safe and enjoyable.

1.The server pot rate increased to 7 potion / second

2. While using auto potion, you will not have any slightly chance to fail





Custom Table ("A" to show/hide) table Exchange currency system


Currency Exchange system 


1 Triad Coin = 100 Goblin Points




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