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  • Welcome to the official community of triad mu!
  • Welcome to the official community of triad mu!
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Quest Objectives ("O" custom panel)

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We are glad to present you with the next update! In this upgrade, we tried to make the game more comfortable for beginners, refine the old problems received from your feedback on the forum and add new ones!


Improvements for beginners:

1. We implemented a custom panel which is inserted into the "O" button, included Daily Quest system, Reset and will be available for making a Vawe 

2. Each member of our community will be able to catch a quest regarding receiving the Hunt Points as a gift. Hunt points are one of our important currencies.



1. Reset will automatically appear, while the player will achieve an estimated 400 levels. The requirement for each reset is +11 enhanced 2 class any random wings

2. Vawe system will appear, only if the player will achieve 10 resets. 

3. Daily Quest is given to the schedule only for a 1-day duration. If the player accomplished the event successfully, it requires waiting for the next upcoming day to give the next Quest.

For more information, you can read the Information section.

Quest Objectives ("O" to show / hide)


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