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  • Welcome to the official community of triad mu!
  • Welcome to the official community of triad mu!
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[ Game Update ] - Statistic Panel

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Dear TriadMU Community:


We are proud to inform you that, to make the game more interesting, we implemented a new system for an easier PVM system for players. From now, every single player will be able to rent a season 3 Ancient items for 30 days of trial. TriadMU Administration currently working on a few detailed configurations and improvements of the custom options to present more enjoyable gameplay for our Community.


    We are glad to present you with the next update! In this upgrade, we tried to make the game more comfortable for beginners


We implemented a custom  statistics panel which is inserted into the "U" button

Improvements for the community


1. Total Statistical Average of experience

2. Calculation of timescale for the upcoming level

3. Experience table which is gained from the last minute

4. Zen Drop Rate also information about last zen obtained system 


For more information, you can read the Information section.


Hunting Information ("U" to show/hide)



TriadMU Administration

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